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Tips for Finding Inspiration


1. Go for a walk in nature, and take your camera with you

2. Set aside some time for peace and solitude, in a place that is comforting or beautiful (on a secluded beach, in the forest, in the mountains, by a river, in a log cabin etc)

3. Watch your dog or a young…

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All she wanted
was to find a place to stretch her bones
A place to lengthen her smiles
and spread her hair
A place where her legs could walk
without cutting and bruising
A place unchained
She was born out of ocean breath.
I reminded her;
‘Stop pouring so much of yourself
into hearts that have no room for themselves
Do not thin yourself
Be vast
You do not bring the ocean to a river.’ Tapiwa Mugabe, You Are Oceanic   (via seulray)
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